Transsexuals, Homosexuals and L.A. Noire! Oh My!

Carolyn Petit is a game reviewer on Gamespot. Carolyn Petit is a transsexual. Why should these two sentences ever have anything to do with the other? I don’t understand why anyone should care about who or what sex Carolyn Petit is if they’re searching the Gamespot website. 

Now, for example, if Carolyn Petit was a former professional Halo player that might be an important thing to know in regards to watching her video game reviews. If Carolyn Petit wants to be a woman but was born a man, who cares? Everyone, apparently.

Even my favorite site, Kotaku, has talked about it. They’ve even specifically addressed some of the comments posted in a review Petit recently did of the video game L.A. Noire. I understand Kotaku is offering support for Petit by welcoming her to the community of video game reviewers, but all they’re really doing is opening the issue up to a wider audience of trolls. If their blog post had simply been a look at the review Petit did, maybe an analysis of it, that would’ve been fine. By specifically addressing the issue of her transsexuality, they’re making it harder for her to continue as a video game reviewer.

That’s the funny thing about all of this. By acknowledging the issues of a few ignorant Internet commenters, both Petit and Kotaku are doing exactly what they shouldn’t be doing. They’re making it less about the games and more about her as a person. Now they have people like me spending extreme lengths of time discussing and debating exactly the wrong thing. Petit didn’t make the video game review she made because she wanted to start a controversy. She wanted to offer legitimate advice on a subject that now no one cares about.

And while it might seem nice that Gamespot gave Petit a chance, acknowledging that sexuality or gender preference or whatever has no bearing on someone’s ability to review a video game, you have to wonder just how much they expected from this as well. An Internet-based company’s reputation is decided by the traffic they have coming in. As they say, “Any publicity is good publicity, even if it’s bad publicity.”

I’m not saying I’m a big fan of being transsexual or even that I agree/disagree with the choice. I’m saying it doesn’t matter in this context. And I’m adding a lot of what people argue about is nonsense.

“Should transsexuals be allowed to review video games?” is like asking “Do you drive to work or bring your lunch?” as if the two choices were somehow related.

So, let’s talk about something else along this vein. Same-sex marriage. It’s a big issue right now. The Department of Defense has finally repealed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that covered up a service member’s sexuality in the military. Now it no longer matters. You can be straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual and serve in the military openly. Interestingly enough, you can’t get marriage benefits. That falls under a different federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act.

Until DoMA is changed to include same-sex couples, openly gay members of the military will not be able to get the many many benefits married people in the military receive. That includes a lot of money benefits, by the way.

I’m not sure why the Defense of Marriage Act even exists. I’m not sure why same-sex marriage is such a hot button issue. It shouldn’t be. Gays getting married has no bearing on straight people getting married, does it? If the two lesbians down the street had a wedding at a chapel, does that mean I can’t? Don’t even get me started on the fact that straight people have no idea how to handle marriage.

I mean, who came along and made straight people the kings and queens of marriage? Who are they to decide this for everyone else? Most of their marriages end in divorce. They end up abusing each other physically or emotionally. If two people are gay, let them receive the benefits. It has no bearing on whether you approve of their relationship or not.

I think that’s the real problem. A lot of people don’t believe in supporting homosexual relationships at all. Many Christians see it as a sin. And so what? Let’s say homosexuality is a sin. What does them getting married have to do with it? They shouldn’t be allowed to file their taxes jointly because they’re sinners? It doesn’t make any sense.

Same-sex marriage is important. Whether you support homosexuals or not, their right to get married is just that… their right. No one should be allowed to take that from them. Civil rights have been fought in the United States for a long time now, and I really thought we as a nation were reaching a point that no nation had ever reached before. The lack of consensus on gay marriage has really made me lose a lot of faith in the growth of humanity in general. We let women vote, we abolish slavery, we end terrible programs like segregation and Apartheid, but we can’t let two men live their lives in peace just because they do something a little awkward to the rest of us behind closed doors?

This, I believe, is really a problem plaguing the Christian church. Honestly, it should’ve been the Church standing up to defend from the beginning. The church should be preaching love and acceptance, regardless of sin or problems. Instead, for YEARS, it is seen as the bigot of society. It’s not hard to say “We can’t agree with your behavior or way of life, but we can support your right to believe it.” If homosexuals are going to Hell because you think what they do is a sin, do you really think “Screw you, you have no rights under the laws of Man” will convince them they have ANY place “under the Law of God”?

But this is something the Christian church will never get over. The church now has become so bloated and conceited and full of itself, it no longer acknowledges any truths devised outside of itself. It’s like Galileo saying the Earth revolves around the sun all over again. Burn him. Kill him. Nothing he says is God-inspired because we didn’t say it and the Bible doesn’t say it so there can’t be any truth to it. Maybe we should start a new Inquisition while we’re at it and go after transsexuals, homosexuals and Buddhists.

I’m adding this because I think it’s important: As a Christian, a PROUD Christian, I support Carolyn’s right to tell me whether or not she thinks L.A. Noire is a good game. As a Christian and as a child of God and brother of mankind, I support ANY gay or lesbian’s right to own a shared bank account.

And to think all of this started because of L.A. Noire. It’s a fantastic game, but you’d never know it from this.


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